Breath of Fresh Summer Air

Things are beginning anew, again.
I'll be returning to a more stable art output June 7th, 2010. The Etsy shop will reopen with new prints, new work, and new prices (streamlined and simple).

This Saturday, June 5th, I'll be in Toledo, Ohio for the Old West End Festival.
Come check out my little card table with nice little prints @ 2130 Scottwood Ave.

I'll be there in the morning, into the afternoon, weather permitting, probably will wander off around 4-5pm to get food and check out some sights and sounds.

GRAB BAG SKETCHES. I'll be doing live random sketches and tossing them in a folder, they'll be 2 bucks a pop. A nice way to get some quick and cheap art while walking around!



Things Going Slowly Behind the Scenes

Things slowly going along behind the scenes. I think I'm getting really tired of gray skies and cold weather. Anyone else crossing fingers for spring and warm air? I like having the windows open.


Blog Buttons, and Clouds, and Cactus

Two Ideas, and nitty gritty snow day today.

One is about clouds, they're doing relaxing things like playing Badminton, reading the paper, doing puzzles, and tanning.

Another involves desert plants like cactus made out of bunnies and other desert animals. Brain got a bit weird there...but I didn't put on the breaks.

And finally, today, I'm working on the blog layout. I want things to have a very hand-drawn look, so, it's drawing time. I drew a fat bird for Twitter, so, pressing on with that theme...fat cute things.

Until next time, when I feel more confident posting to a blog that isn't ugly as sin.



Some changes soon in the blog, since I had 1 gmail/google account tied, and switched it to the one that I associate with my Etsy and such, I run the risk of killing my followed blogs and posted images, so once I migrate them in on this username, I'll kick the other guy (which is still me, which is weird) out of the authors list.

Thankfully, I don't have too many things to toggle and switcheroo.

NOTE: I am still following all the current blogs I followed under my other email address, since I was just able to simply import them into google reader.... unfortunately, there's no such import option *that I know of* to get them from reader> blogger. Looks like following and feeds aren't mutual across the board.


New Ink, Sketches, and Finished Stuff

Ebenezer Archer Kling and Scott Campbell (ScottC) are two artists that I'm currently borrowing a certain style element from, for coming work. Using a color as their line in their watercolor work. 

I usually favor an india ink either applied before painting or after the paint's are dry.

I'm finding that I really like the look of a colored line....so maybe the ink will stay with black n white drawings only...I'd like to make more of a mess too, with my inks. I need to get sloppier.

So I completed a small handful of paintings for an auction for charity at my girlfriend's workplace. Some people who are handy around a camera or knitting needles make things for the auction, and they asked me to toss some things in too. So, since it's an environmental, earthy kinda theme...I painted the following mountain ranges....

There's the Blue Mountains, Belcher Mountains, Mosquito Range, and Superstition Mountains.
I was looking through a list of ranges in North America and these put silly ideas into my head... 

I also re-did a rendition of a word/phrase that's been stuck in my head for a while. Hot Dog Stand. I painted another version, this one with color linework...and not on crappy sketchbook paper....

I enjoyed how the new one turned out. And to end this, here's some doodles that have been finding their way on and off my table...and also some FW Acrylic inks I found at Blicks for HALF PRICE!