Excuse my mess....

I'm still trying to decide on layout options that suit my needs. I'm a widget fiend, but I don't want to make anyone's eyes bleed. A conundrum to be sure.

Finally ripped apart some printmaking paper, watercolor paper too, from the clearance rack at my job...we're all not too sure what brand they are. The printmaking one is similar to a Somerset Velvet, but softer. The watercolor is just like an Arches 140lb. but the texture is between a cold-press, and a rough. Interesting stuff. No idea who makes/made it.

I'll need to get used to it's water consumption. It's very thirsty paper. I suppose there's no internal sizing layer to the paper, so I can load up a brush but start to get the beaded "dry brush" look pretty quick...I'll just have to go heavier on the water. There's curl, but not much buckle, which is nice.

Will hopefully noodle out the layout tomorrow morning.


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