Re-kindling old artistic desires, busy holi-days, and the like.

Busy day tomorrow, a lot of stuff to cram in, but I think it will all work out.
Dropped in after work to see a twitter link to a live Ustream video of David Petersen answering questions amidst some progress for his Mouse Guard books.

David's work, and my interest in it, stirs and old affliction I had with a certain series of books as a younger kid....

I've always been a fan of the Redwall series, by Brian Jacques, since gradeschool, when a friend of mine started reading them, and after asking about them I read two or three of them myself, and it just stuck. I need to go back and read them all some day.

The idea of woodland creatures taking up arms in a medieval fantasy world is just, appealing, on some level. I think it's the caliber of the writing that successful stories in this time period demand. The sentences and dialogue just have such rich flavor! They leave you wanting more.

My Etsy shop is just kind of stewing, like a bog. I haven't decided if I really want to pursue the style of art that's on there currently, or push more of the outlandish things that float around in my head....like balloon monsters with teeth flying after pigeons. Really, that sounds fun to paint and ink...doesn't it? Feathers and teeth and bright shiny balloons!

So we'll see where that goes, after I get my Holiday artwork done. I need to finish some pieces for people I - want - to draw and paint for, because the things I'm assuming they're still interested in, are interesting to me, as art pieces go.

So, there's the update. And as the final drops of Samuel Adams' Cherry Wheat leave the bottle, I must leave and sleep, gotta wake up early and make eggs for the girl, she's got a bigger day than I tomorrow!

Cheers Blog, keep it textual.

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