Blog Buttons, and Clouds, and Cactus

Two Ideas, and nitty gritty snow day today.

One is about clouds, they're doing relaxing things like playing Badminton, reading the paper, doing puzzles, and tanning.

Another involves desert plants like cactus made out of bunnies and other desert animals. Brain got a bit weird there...but I didn't put on the breaks.

And finally, today, I'm working on the blog layout. I want things to have a very hand-drawn look, so, it's drawing time. I drew a fat bird for Twitter, so, pressing on with that theme...fat cute things.

Until next time, when I feel more confident posting to a blog that isn't ugly as sin.

1 comment:

drono said...

So I'm kind of an etsy obsessive & refresh the front page about 30 times a day to see what's new & one of your prints is on the home page right now. (Lourde of the Flies)
I'll take a screen shot of it.