DUN DUN DUN, the printer's grand entrance!

Well, I purchased a large format printer the other day. It's the HP b8550. Swiped it for only 120 with rebate/sneaky coupon codes. Based on reviews and blogs and suggestions, it'll serve it's purpose well, I wager.

Thus far it's worked exactly how I expected it to. You'll notice I have some Epson Ultra Premium Presentation Matte paper sitting on top of the pack of the HP paper. That's a gamble I took. I wanted something not glossy for art re-prints. HP's paper is pretty much soft gloss and then gets shinier from there. I did find some paper that was still thin enough and matte (as this printer isn't made to handle the really thick art papers) but it was only available in the huge 13x19 for around 50 bucks. Ew. I don't need anything larger than 8.5 x 11.

So I'll be loading up the Etsy shop with a few ACEO Prints, and will probably offer them on the soft-gloss since there's a lot more glossy ACEOs out there than I thought there would be, so thankfully I won't be going against any grains, at least I don't think.

So here's to sweet deals on sweet technology!
See you around, Blogger


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