Some changes soon in the blog, since I had 1 gmail/google account tied, and switched it to the one that I associate with my Etsy and such, I run the risk of killing my followed blogs and posted images, so once I migrate them in on this username, I'll kick the other guy (which is still me, which is weird) out of the authors list.

Thankfully, I don't have too many things to toggle and switcheroo.

NOTE: I am still following all the current blogs I followed under my other email address, since I was just able to simply import them into google reader.... unfortunately, there's no such import option *that I know of* to get them from reader> blogger. Looks like following and feeds aren't mutual across the board.

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Hello, I'm Rachael Brooke Winkley of Rachael Brooke Jewelry said...

Don't know of any, either. But it would be great to have what I follow in google reader and blogger in one spot.

- Rachael